City to host contest for mural art at Multicultural Liaison Office

The City of Little Rock is announcing a call for submissions for an indoor mural project located at the Wakefield Resource Center, 7414 Doyle Springs Road.

The mural is for the Multicultural Liaison’s Office. The theme of the mural is “diversity, unity, and community.” The mural must be family-friendly and express the liveliness and diversity of Little Rock. The goal of this project is to elevate the cultural vitality of our city while building community pride and offering an artist or artists the opportunity to express themselves through the artwork.

The mural is expected to be 10 feet tall and 23 feet, 10 inches wide, and will start 4 inches from the floor. A mural committee will select the concept that moves forward for the project. All work must be original. Open to individuals or groups and all participants must be at least 18. A stipend of up to $250 will be provided by the City for supplies.

Each submission must include contact information and a brief biography of the artist or artists, a color sketch of the proposed artwork to scale, and a short description of the concept behind the mural. Complete applications may be submitted via email to

The winner will be announced on May 1st and will be recognized at a Board Meeting. The mural must be completed by June 1st.

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