About the Arts+Culture Commission

The Arts+Culture Commission of the City of Little Rock is established to promote policies and encourage endeavors for the appreciation and enhancement of the arts and culture resources of Little Rock.

Members of this Commission are appointed by the Little Rock City Board of Directors by recommendation from their nominating committee and shall consist of five (5) members who are senior administrative staff or board member of a cultural institution; not eligible for reappointment and eight (8) At-Large Members.

The Arts and Culture Commission meets the second Monday of each month at 4:00 PM in the HR Testing Room at Little Rock City Hall West Wing.

Current Members

Allyson Gattin, At Large

Chuck Cliett, Cultural Institution

Alice Allred, At Large
Eliza Borne, At Large
Jim Doyle, Cultural Institution
Denise Jones Ennett, At Large
Kelly Fleming, Cultural Institution
Wanda Gammons Hoover, At Large
Leron McAdoo, At Large
Crystal C. “C.C.” Mercer, At Large
Christina Littlejohn, Cultural Institution
Janet Wilson, At Large
One vacancy through August 2019

City Director Kathy Webb, Ward 3
City Director Capi Peck, Ward 4